crate & barrel catalog

STRATEGY  |  ideation  |  CONCEPT & DESIGN


TSG partnered with Crate&Barrel’s internal team to evolve and distinguish its BestBuys catalog from its more upscale and inspirational counterpart. After a marathon ideation session, TSG developed a distinct format and design toolkit that celebrated the inherent beauty of Crate&Barrel’s products while supporting the value-priced positioning of the BestBuys catalog.



In contrast to the more editorial format of the main Crate&Barrel catalog, We designed BestBuys to focus on single, iconic products, leading viewers to appreciate each item’s unique design.



Within the catalog, select prices were elevated in size, and a variable grid was designed (and broken) to add depth and interest. Promotional messaging and copy tone were also defined.



Clear evidence emerged for maintaining the BestBuys brand though initial strategic explorations involved rebranding BestBuys, it's catalog and the in-store collateral.