the john roberts company
event materials


With creative professionals in mind, The John Roberts Company holds an semi-annual workshop that attracts industry leaders for a day of thoughtful discussions and commentary on industry news and innovations. For the past five years, TSG has designed all facets of the multi-channel campaign, from print and digital promotions to environmental signage and wayfinding graphics.



Every event starts with an RSVP email and printed invitation, each designed to top the previous. This year’s invitation was an oversized poster printed in bright fluorescent ink. With top industry speakers headlining the mini-conference, interest was high.



The digital experience echoed the print material with bright colors, simple navigation, typographic clarity and informal, yet friendly, copy.



With the John Roberts team we created a big-conference feel, with customized folders, lanyards, valet parking, catered food and bar. Wayfinding signs guided guests through the newly renovated headquarters, to various departments and into the chic, gala-inspired presentation space.



Infusing passion and professionalism into everything it does, The John Roberts Company continues to demonstrate innovative techniques and practices, while remaining relevant in an age of constant technological advancements.